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A State-of-The-Art Product Line

Light, resistant, antirot and easy to integrate into any decor, the light concrete developed by ABUSCA is a vanguard raw material as much for its appearance as for its flexibility of use. Unlike its primary carcass and formwork function, this material suddenly takes on fluidity, stylishness and panache. It allows interior layout professionals to let their inventiveness do the talking by selecting furniture styles in perfect harmony with a distinctly urban-flavoured post-industrial era.

A Unique Style

ABUSCA presents a line of exclusive products that considerably broadens the classic image of light concrete’s applications and possibilities. Its unique furniture line combines avant-garde elegance with extensive flexibility of use.

The medley of textures, appearances and pigments used in ABUSCA products widen the gamut of possible results even further. Finally, combining or matching complementary elements made of wood, glass or steel with concrete bases and/or reinforcements particularly appeals to creators, since it allows them to compose and arrange with extraordinary richness. Thus ABUSCA offers its clients’ imaginations much more than just a family of standard products: it is a selection of base elements with infinite modularity.

An Organized Technological Drive

Thanks to unprecedented techniques in the application of traditional materials, and with the help of multinationals such as Saint-Lawrence Cement and Hydraulic Press Brick, ABUSCA has developed a leading edge technology allowing it to guarantee its products’ lightness and insensitiveness to deterioration. Components are environment-friendly thanks to their full recyclability. The usage of a particular type of expanded high grade shale coupled with exacting endurance tests have allowed ABUSCA to acquire invaluable experience in bringing these materials into play. Contractors and designers alike increasingly tend to systematically look for durable, fire-resistant as well as chemical- and bio-resistant materials, which are immeasurable assets in extreme, harsh and/or unstable weather conditions. The fundamental development technique consists in using ventilated reinforcements, which further lightens original as well as production models.

An Artistic Spirit at The Helm

Alain Buscarlet, founder and majority shareholder of ABUSCA, has worked for 25 years as an industrial design teacher and a sculptor in Europe and Quebec. On the strength of the success his ingenious furniture prototypes scored in 1996, he formed Abusca to develop and market his product lines. True to his Masters Degree in Plastic Arts, Alain Buscarlet continues to emphasize creativity and the search for fresh new approaches and products in serving his clients.

A Complete Range of Services

The firm’s highly flexible manufacturing methods and inestimable technical experience coupled with its president’s artistic background make ABUSCA a privileged partner for its clients.

ABUSCA analyze, follow up on and satisfy client needs, whether they call for a small series, creation of custom models, or complete management of an original design and decoration project.

A Rapidly Expanding Firm

Founded in 1996 by Alain Buscarlet, ABUSCA Inc. (former «abcd enr.» 96-99) is operating in Montreal (Quebec), the firm has quickly established a reputation for quality and dependability in the highly competitive decorative art and furniture market. Today, the company is broadening its horizons by opening up to introducing and exporting its products to the U. S. market.

Direct and Permanent Communication with Clients

ABUSCA values intent listening to and co-operation with its clients. This is one of the ingredients in its winning formula for their satisfaction. Any questions? Just call President Alain Buscarlet directly.

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