How do you proceed

The complete process for the realization of your counters involves several steps:

  1. After sending me your measurements (a rough sketch is enough) by fax or email, I make a quotation and we agree on a budget;
  2. We meet at the workshop where I show you samples, explain the manufacturing techniques and we agree on a colour and a finish;
  3.  I can visit you to take the exact measurements or you can send them to me; in general, the plans of your kitchen designer are enough.
  4. Based on the specific data I received, I correct the initial budget quote, if applicable. At this stage, before starting the realization of your counters, a deposit of 50% is required.
  5. From four to six weeks later, I will deliver and install the counters or you can pick them up at the workshop, depending on our agreement.

Note: Numbers 1 and 2 can be swapped according to your preferences.

Does the concrete stain

The brighter the finish, the stronger the resistance is, but all our sealants allow the concrete to be waterproof and you must not fear stains of any kind.

Should we reapply a sealant and how often

It is no longer necessary to reapply a sealant once your counters are installed. The lustre of our glossy sealant is guaranteed for 25 years by the manufacturer -SIKA- , under normal conditions of use, and resists all organic and chemical aggression.

As for the less glossy finishes, depending on use, they could deteriorate slightly after a few years. In this case, a single application of acrylic liquid, without smell or toxicity, can be applied with a rag or a sponge!

Obviously you shouldn’t cut directly on your counter; If, in such a case, there were scratches that damaged the finish of your countertop, simply sand it down and apply a new coat of sealant.

How should we clean the counters

Absolutely all commercially available non-abrasive products can be used. Most of the time, a simple sponge will do the job.

How much does a concrete counter cost

The cost varies according to the manpower needed to manufacture the counter. The price is comparable to the entry price of granite.

If you choose concrete believing to save money compared to other stones (natural or recomposed), you are wrong. Our customers are people who want concrete because they like the intrinsic characteristics of the material and are able to appreciate its specificities.

Is it resistant to heat?

Yes, up to 350ºC for sealant, no limit for concrete; it is also resistant to surface burns (e.g. cigarette)

Can we cut on it

Both for the counter itself and for your knives, always use a cutting board on any counter. We can, if you wish, integrate a “butcher block” board (or any other cutting surface) directly into your countertop.

Can it crack

Concrete, once mature, is an inert material that no longer reacts to external aggression; however, surface cracks may occur when moving the countertop or during the first few months after the installation (during the time the countertop is “getting in place”), these cracks are non-structural and develop at the weakest countertop locations ( around holes for sinks and hobs for example).

To remedy this problem, we insert welded flat iron frames that stiffen the whole. If necessary, however, a small restoration work can be done to correct the situation.

Can you fix the kitchen sink directly into the blend of the countertop

Although this is not the first choice that we recommend to all our customers for their kitchen, we can fix any type of sink (kitchen or bathroom); See: Products / Sinks

How thick will my countertop be

The minimum thickness is 1½ inch; usually, we sink 2 inches (≈5 cm) counters but any other thickness can be made on request.

How much can a counter weigh?
Should we plan to strengthen the cabinets?
Thanks to our exclusive blend, our countertops have an approximate weight, for 2 inches thick, 10 pounds per square foot (≈ 50kg / m² in 5cm thick), so it is not necessary to provide some structural reinforcement.

Can you repair or repolish a counter made by another company?
In most cases, we do not touch a job done by someone else. We can advise you; exceptionally, we will intervene directly but without any guarantee of success or durability.