What is LEED®?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a program developed by the US Green Building Council and that is now adapted in Canada by the Canadian Green Building Council.

Compared to the Building Code, green buildings or long-lived buildings are structures that use valuable resources more efficiently.

LEED Canada provides assessment systems and certification programs that allow homeowners and developers to take advantage of the benefits of operating more efficient facilities at a lower cost.

LEED Canada focuses the vision of the design and construction team on the operating costs for the entire life cycle of the building, not on the initial construction costs.

Obtaining LEED® points with concrete

ABUSCA products are certainly a preferred choice for entrepreneurs who want to meet LEED standards; In addition to using concrete, the finishing products used (Sika®; Tilelab®) also meet the prescribed standards.

How does Sika® contribute to LEED Certified Building Programs?

Sika has been a leader in designing environmentally friendly products as well as pursuing ambitious factory safety goals. It is not a coincidence that several Sika companies are certified and meet ISO 14001 standards.

Sika contributes to LEED by providing a range of adhesives and sealants as well as coatings that satisfy LEED.

In which categories do Sika® products help to accumulate points?

Sika products can contribute to achieving LEED certification in the Indoor Environmental Quality category and, in a more limited way, in the Regional Materials category. Due to their low content of volatile organic compounds, Sika products have led the industry for several years.